Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fuel leak in Hyundai Matrix and Getz vehicles

In this post we discuss a common fault in the Common Rail Bosch type CP1 with 3 pistons pumps, used in 1.5 CRDi (D3EA) Hyundai Matrix and Getz engines. 
The fault in this case is the result of fuel leakage whose symptoms are defined below.

Hyundai Getz y Matrix

There is a smell of fuel in the engine area, including difficulty in starting once some time has elapsed since the engine was last stopped.


Verify the presence of fuel in the cylinder head plane below the high pressure pump.

The high pressure pump is located at the opposite end of the camshaft timing.
Bomba de alta presión
High pressure pump

Detalle de las fugas alrededor del alojamiento de la bomba
Detail of leakage around the pump housing

Get a set of gaskets to make the repair. The gaskets of the high pressure pump should be replaced, but it is not necessary to replace the pump itself.

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