Friday, 28 October 2016

Types of active suspension (Il). Pneumatics for the Audi A8

Audi A8 air suspension 

Air suspension allows the body to be adjusted to different heights in accordance with running requirements, it also helps the suspension and damping to adapt to the road surface and driving style.

This suspension is noted for its high flexibility, good oscillation absorption and for the self-regulation of the system that allows the distance between the chassis and the surface of the road to be maintained irrespective of the vehicle's load.

With the aid of vertical acceleration sensors on the body, this suspension model recognises the ground configuration. The driving style can be ascertained based on the vehicle's speed and the steering angle.

Three different damping programs can be selected, auto, comfort and sport. Each one is activated depending on road conditions and the driver's wishes, and contributes to driving safety and comfort. Air suspension with adaptive damping also allows each damper to be controlled independently.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Diesel pollution

There have been numerous studies published during the last decade reporting on the high levels of pollution generated by diesel engines and their possible consequences.

The public scandal and the controversy however, are a matter of the past few months. Clearly encouraged by the irresponsibility and misconduct demonstrated by the VW Group in approving some of its diesel engines with specialist software for anti-pollution testing, much of the specialist communications media investigated the topic and the results were not slow in coming.

Toxic emissions from diesel vehicles in real operating conditions exceed and multiply several times over the “expected” quantities and maximum approved values.
To this day, it might be said that the problem is widespread and includes practically all manufacturers. In the majority of cases they have taken advantage of small legal loopholes in the approval tests in order to pass the emission tests and obtain the consumption data/official emissions which, moreover, are usually those that are publicised.
Small tricks such as increasing the tyre pressures, switching off all the electrical consumers including the power steering, using specific lubricants, among others, The test cycle is carried out on rollers which has little to do with actual driving conditions, either on the highway or in the city.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Simos PCR 2.1 high-pressure pump engine management system

In diesel engines of the VAG group, in the 1.6 CAYC version , this electronic management system for injection of fuel is carried out using a Simos PCR 2.1 Continental Common Rail System. The high pressure pump is driven by the timing chain and the injectors are the piezoelectric type. The engine control unit controls and regulates the fuel pressure and dose. In this chapter we will discuss the high-pressure pump. 

High pressure fuel pump
This is fixed on the front right hand side of the engine and is driven by the timing belt. It is a two piston pump that works with maximum pressures of 1600 bar.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Towards sustainable transport

With the arrival of electric vehicles, it was suggested that developments in the sector to leave fossil fuels behind would take this line.

The biggest disadvantage is the range which these vehicles have at this time, and in the infrastructures that the different administrations provide to equip cities and roads with battery-charging stations.

Siemens (the German industrial and technology group) jointly with the Swedish lorry manufacturer Scania, will build the first electrical highway in Sweden.

With the objective of reducing dependence on fossil fuels for transporting goods by road, the Swedish Transport Administration awarded the contract to the County of Gävleborg.
The cost of the project is more than 9 million dollars of which almost 6 will come from private investment.

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