Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fault in the Ford Mondeo IV adaptive headlights

Affected vehicles:

The Ford Mondeo IV has been produced since 2007 with the adaptive headlight system.

The adaptive headlight system AFS is operated by means of an automatic adjustment control for the dipped headlights which adjusts their position in accordance with the speed and steering of the vehicle under different circumstances.

The purpose of the system is to improve visibility and reduce risks due to possible dazzle that may occur while driving at night.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Noise and judder from the front brakes

In this post, a fault is considered that causes noise, vibration and judderfrom the front axle of the Audi A6 on operating the brake pedal.

The affected models are:

Audi A6 from 2002

PR: 1LB, 1LT, 1LF, 1LG, 1LA, 1LX

Note: The PRs make reference to the vehicles equipment level and are shown on the first page of the maintenance service manual.

Detail of the PR in the vehicle's service manual

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thus was Volvo born. The history of a brand

Torslanda Volvo factory, Gothenburg, Sweden

The Swedish brand Volvo, with headquarters in Gothenburg, is one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers in terms of driving safety.

In 1998, Volvo Cars became independent from the Volvo Corporation, which continues to manufacture trucks and buses and was acquired by the Ford Group.

Beginnings of the factory

Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson
On the 25th July 1924, engineer Gustaf Larson and
economist Assar Gabrielsson meet at a Stockholm restaurant, the Sturehof. After several hours of discussion, they decide to build a
Swedish car.                                                    
Volvo was established as a subsidiary of the Swedish bearings manufacturer SKF. It ceded one of its trademarks to give the name Volvo, which in Latin means "I roll", a slogan to prove the principal virtue of these bearings.

Its Initial Public Offering was in 1935 in Sweden, and SKF sold most of the shares of the company.

The first car design is completed in 1925. The first car came out of the factory on the 14th April 1927 and it was launched commercially in 1928. It was called "Jakob". Its success was so great that in six months the production planned for the model had been accomplished.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

AGM Battery (Absorbent Glass Mat)

The AGM battery type application in vehicles is becoming increasingly common because manufacturers equip their vehicles with technological systems which require huge power supply for their equipment.

It should be noted that AGM batteries have become widely used as a result of the introduction of vehicles fitted with the Start & Stop system. As of today, most vehicles are equipped with this kind of batteries due to their great performance.

What is an AGM battery?

The AGM-type batteries belong to the VRLA battery family which stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid, that is to say, they are lead acid batteries regulated by valves.

Their constitution is similar to conventional batteries; they are wet lead calcium batteries. The AGM battery has the same number of positive plates (lead peroxide) and negative plates (sponge lead) and they provide a 12-Volt nominal voltage.

The new aspect of the AGM-type batteries is that they are based on a fibreglass grid placed between the plates that absorb the electrolyte and the distilled water.

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