Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fault in the Ford Mondeo IV adaptive headlights

Affected vehicles:

The Ford Mondeo IV has been produced since 2007 with the adaptive headlight system.

The adaptive headlight system AFS is operated by means of an automatic adjustment control for the dipped headlights which adjusts their position in accordance with the speed and steering of the vehicle under different circumstances.

The purpose of the system is to improve visibility and reduce risks due to possible dazzle that may occur while driving at night.

1.- Vehicle not equipped with the AFS system - 2.- Vehicle equipped with the AFS system

It should be remembered that the AFS system does not respond while the vehicle is stationary, the daytime running lights are on or reverse is selected.

If there is a fault in the AFS system function, a warning message will appear on the instrument panel display.

If the fault is prolonged, the headlights will be adjusted to their central or dipped beam position permanently. When this situation occurs, it is advisable to visit a workshop as soon as possible for the vehicle to be diagnosed for its repair.

On this occasion, we are going to repair a common fault that affects Ford Mondeo IVs manufactured from 2007 with a specific chassis number and that are equipped with the adaptive headlight system (AFS).

The symptoms shown in this incident are:

·   By default, the vehicle responds by emitting a malfunction message for the AFS system's front lights on the instrument panel display.

    The lights are positioned permanently in the centre.

·   On reading the fault codes in the headlight control module (HCM) with the diagnostic tool, we see code B1D68 is recorded (Left headlamp swivelling feedback sensor) or B1D69 (Right headlamp swivelling feedback sensor).

This anomaly is caused by a calibration software fault in the headlight control module (HCM).

The repair procedure involves reading the fault codes in the headlight control module (HCM) with the diagnostic tool and confirming the existence of code B1D68 or B1D69. The fault codes must be cleared, check that this has been done correctly and then reprogram the HCM unit with the most up to date software.

To assure yourself that the incident has been resolved, check that the response of the adaptive headlight system (AFS) is correct, with no fault messages on the instrument panel display, and the headlights have changed their position.

This post has been written at our Technical Support department (Call Center) based on repeated related incidents with the vehicle and the system concerned.

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