Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How do you react to negative opinions on the Internet of our workshop?

How do you react to negative opinions on the Internet of our workshop?  By María Callizo Monge
Once your workshop is on the Internet, it is a fact that you are exposed to receiving good and bad opinions, constructive advice and derogatory remarks, which may be real or not.
There are good and bad practices relating to this very direct and free communication that exists on the network, in this article I will try and explain how to differentiate between them and how to deal with them.

Studies show that  5% of these opinions are false, it is the competition itself that writes on our social networks or pages with the sole intention of losing us customers.

We know that a poor opinion, in spite of it being false can generate mistrust among future customers of the workshop and, therefore, reduce sales.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ford EcoBoost Engines

These engines follow the modern trend of ‘downsizing’, manufacturers are developing smaller capacity engines with fewer and smaller cylinders and yet develop similar or greater power outputs to larger capacity engines. 

Ford EcoBoost Engines
Ford EcoBoost Engines

Ford Motor Company is the car manufacturer responsible for the new EcoBoost engine project.  This range of new petrol engines offers more economy, more power and due to their high-efficiency, less impact on the environment.

These new EcoBoost engines have many advantages for example, lower internal friction, lower mechanical loses and due to their compact dimensions and they are lighter, reaching optimal operating temperature quicker than traditional engines.

Ford technicians have managed to achieve a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions by 15%.
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