Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Noise in gearbox after engaging 5th gear

This post discusses a fault that causes a noise in the area of the vehicle's gearbox when driving on the road, until eventually the 5th gear cannot be engaged.

Affected models 
The engines motors that could be affected are the following:

Noises in the gear shifting area when driving the vehicle, regardless of the speed at which it is driven.
Problems engaging 5th speed.
Gearbox oil leak

Procedure and solution 
After taking the vehicle for a test drive, check the oil level in the gearbox.

Once it is checked that the level of the gearbox is correct, start to remove it. Remove the gearbox and check the following:

The 5th gear locking ring has jumped from its housing, causing the whole drive assembly, along with the moveable mechanism for 5th gear, to be out of its working position.

Cause of failure 
* Breakage of the 5th gear lock ring assembly.
* Causes a hole in the cover with loss of 5th gear components.


1. If the gearbox has been in use for many kilometres with a perforated cover there may be seizures inside and damage in the internal mechanisms caused by aluminium particles etc. In these cases the gearbox must be replaced.

2.-If the customer has stopped the vehicle after first hearing the noise, the 5th gear does not provide traction and there is an oil leak, this can be repaired (replace cover, rubber gasket and any damage observed in the workshop)

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