Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Engine fault indicator light on


In this post, a fault is considered that causes the engine fault warning light to remain permanently on.


The models that can be affected are the following:

VW POLO 9N Motor 1.4-1.2 (BBY-AZQ) VW POLO 9N Engine 1.4-1.2 (BBY-AZQ)
SEAT IBIZA 6L Motor 1.4-1.2 (BBY-AZQ) SEAT IBIZA 6L Engine 1.4-1.2 (BBY-AZQ)


- The engine fault light comes on.

- The vehicle jerks slightly.

- Excessive fuel consumption.


Carry out a self-diagnostic of the injection system with the diagnostic unit, and the system shows the following fault:

Engine electronics.

16514        P 0130       035

Cylinder bank 1 - sensor 1 Fault in the electrical circuit.

Intermittent fault.

Check with the help of the electrical diagram for the lambda sensor power supply and ground.
The fault can be seen to be due to a problem in the lambda sensor ground so that, at certain times, the power supply voltage is out of working range causing intermittent malfunctions in the injection system.
Also check the grounds linked to the injection system.


Once all the points and components of the injection system are checked, recondition the ground supply between pin 1 of the engine control unit and pin 2 of the lambda sensor 1 heater

Replace the cable together with the contact pins both in the lambda sensor connector and in the engine control unit connector.

Once the process is completed, carry out a basic adjustment of the injection system.

Then take it for a test drive.

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