Thursday, 3 December 2015

Engine start-up failure in BMW models

Engine start-up failure in BMW models
Today we will describe a failure that affects the X6 35 xdrive aut. E71 (30 6D 5) model of the BMW brand, specifically a failure related to the engine.  

BMW X6 35 xdrive aut. E71 (30 6D 5)

The engine does not start.

Failures codes reported by the DDE engine control unit.

507D – Parking lock deactivated erroneously.
CF37 – CAS messages in the wrong K bus.


If the engine fails to start, due to a voltage drop caused by an excessive requirement when starting the engine, either because of a low battery or because of keeping the ignition switched on over an extended period of time, this may be due to a lack of communication between the CAS (Car Access System) unit and the DDE (Digital Diesel Electronics) engine control unit.

NOTE: It should be noted that in this model, in case of a real problem with the CAS (Car Access System), the starter motor is not launched.

 Engine start-up failure in BMW models
A2249 Unidad DDE


Pairing of the CAS and DDE units with an appropriate diagnostic tool.


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